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próximamente en Generatech 04 Valencia extreme gender art
are an artistic couple living in Italy.
We create experimental performances that combine the language of art installation with performance art and gender role play. The term “Human Installation” coined for Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser, assigns a name to this new language.

We perform for contemporary art exhibitions as well as for underground events and we participate in international festivals and events.
Human Installation #1 Gender Obsolescence was awarded by ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE in 2009. The performance was also presented at IDKEX Showcase in Columbus, Ohio and in Berlin (Germany) in 2008, as well as in many other events in Italy.
We created Extreme Gender Art, a project that promotes performance art with a particular focus on censored expressions like extreme body art and explicit nudity in art.
“Profane Mutations” is the body performance art festival we organized in September 2009 in Rome where performance, extreme body art, living pictures and human installations take place in a theatre. Artistic expression arose from different contexts were combined together: From the extreme body art of the rave parties to high level art exhibition performances to the 60s “actions”. The underlying theme of the whole event is the concept of mutation: bodies in evolution, extreme body art, metamorphosis. Each aesthetic mutation, of gender or psychic as well as body mutation is representative of a liquid society that is in continuous change and where art has to loose its’ static characteristic that is typical of other expressions.
We also created a performance named "A Flower of the Sea" an elaboration of “The jeweller”, was successfully presented at the "Eco-Sexual Blue Wedding to the Sea" a side-event of the Venice Biennale 2009 by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens at "The Fear Society" pavilion (curator Jota Castro).
In 2009 we participated with the performance “Accudirsi” at the contemporary art exhibition “Ariadne's Thread” in Bologna and Narni, produced by the art historian Marco Testa. The performance executed on a continuous cycle is specifically created on request by the event.
Censorship and Queer Explicit Body are also subjects of debates and lectures organized by Extreme Gender Art and that involve its’ artists. In February 2009 Lazlo Pearlman was invited to tour Italy with his performances and the lecture on“The Queer Explicit Body”.
We started to collaborate in 2007 when we met in the queer underground events of Rome. This led to our first experiments called “Living Pictures” which was a result of the combination of our different backgrounds: Kyrahm is a traditional and digital artist with a degree in Science Communication while Julius is video maker and Drag King performer committed to promoting “kinging” in Italy. Our shows consist of real visionary experiences: Flashes of a few minutes with a strong impact that strikes the audience. “We want to develop realities that are articulated in their meanings, but simple in structure because we believe in the power of signs”.
Much of their work was documented on video by Francesca Fini for a documentary film project called “Kylius” never was completed...
Those visions have inspired photographers, video and film makers whose work is circulating internationally. We have also gained the attention of major Italian media such as National State Television or Local Television programs (RAI, La7, MTV, SKY, All Mucis) and many national newspapers (La Repubblica, L’Unità, Panorama, Max, Donna D,) in addition to Italian, American and Norwegian LGBT mainstream media (Curve Magazine and Outlook Weekly).

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